History of The 51-50 Foundation

The 51-50 Foundation was the idea of California race car driver and builder, Tony Lazzarini. He needed a space to store his cars and equipment.  In 2011, he rented a 900 square foot warehouse.  It was not long before his friends started coming around to hang out with him on the weekends. When an adjoining 2700 sf unit became available, he saw an opportunity to rent out storage space to folks looking for a safe and secure location.  After a few  events at his enlarged facility, he realized that folks enjoyed the classic and race cars on display. Sixteen people signed up to become the first members of the new "Club".  As of Jan, 1st, 2023 the membership now exceeds 130 members and hosts 40 events a year and is in it's 12th year of operation!  It's subscriber list for events runs over 1000 automobile enthusiast! It also has a large display of automotive memorabilia along with an automotive reference library for people researching information about any types of cars. The club is complete with free Wi-Fi and three  55 inch, "smart" T.V.s.  The current 51-50 Foundation is now made up of three locations, bringing its combined size to over 9,000 square feet!
Our Match.Car program has been providing vehicles for such well known companies as, Skywalker Ranch, Graphite Films, 2K Video, Nancy Hayes Casting, Big Easy Productions and numerous local and national production companies.
A club member can use the 2500 sq. ft. club house, at no cost, for one private event a year and is open 7 days a week!  Among the numerous events are car shows, wine tastings, fund raisers, drag racing, Members Night, BBQ's and driving tours. The Foundation also supports a number of non-profit organizations by supplying them with classic cars for displays or parades for their fund raising events for FREE.
In July, 2017, the Marin Coupe and Roadster Club became associated with The Foundation and made it their  "Official Home".   Together they have supported the Novato Fire Fighters Toy Drive for the past four years and donated over 450 toys through membership participation. MCRC was established in 1949 and has been an important part of the hot-rod culture in the North Bay.
    Currently, The 51-50 Foundation has been producing car shows for numerous assisted living communities in Marin and Sonoma Counties.  They have also been working with a local Rotary group to support Veterans in need through their "Blue Star Mom's" programs.
All you need for a one year membership into The 51-50 Foundation is a good attitude and $240.  Cars are optional.
The 51-50 Foundation is a veteran owned business.
Donations and membership to the Foundation are no way tax deductible.  We do not support  any causes other than the right to enjoy your car and be around other folks that feel the same way.

We are not out to save the planet, feed the homeless, contribute to undeveloped countries or  promote government reform (although badly needed).

Oil companies are ripping us off, taxes increase on a regular basis, pharmaceutical companies  rule the land and the entire world economy is in the toilette.

The only truly enjoyable thing to do that does not require refinancing your home (good luck  on that one) or receiving a government bailout is hanging around with car guys/gals, listening to  some good Rock and Roll and knocking back a couple of beers. (However we strongly do not  support drinking and driving).

The one great thing about being an auto-enthusiast (politically correct) is no matter what  kind of car you have, what your background is or how much cash you made last year, we are all  equal when it comes to our interest and pride in our ride.  Kind of corny but the fact is we are all  brothers (or sisters) wrapped in tin, surrounded by glass and running on the remains of dead dinosaurs.

Enjoy your short time on this rotating rock, make friends and trip on the sounds of that  sweet exhaust melody.

The 51-50 Foundation is a private social  club for folks who have a passion for cars  or auto racing. We do not discriminate  due to year, model or manufacturer. Our  unique Automotive Social Club is the  largest in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 150 members. Money raised  through our numerous events goes to the education and development of future automotive addicts.

 Tony Lazzarini
 The 51-50 Foundation

51-50 Foundation Membership Application

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